Your Boudoir Experience

Your Boudoir Experience is an amazing thing to do no matter what age or size you are!  You can be provocative, sultry or fun but most importantly we will help you be the person you want to be!

Women long to celebrate their style, individuality and inner beauty with a boudoir photoshoot experience.  It is liberating and confidence boosting.

Our Boudoir photo sessions take place at our home, your home or a luxury hotel dependent on the package you choose, and we work within your own comfort zone!

Some women like to reveal a little and some like to reveal all.  Rest assured that we will be guided by you and help you relax and enjoy a fabulous experience.

It is really important that you prepare for your shoot.

Bring along your favourite items of lingerie, stilettos and anything else you can think of.  Maybe bring a favourite shirt that belongs to your boyfriend/husband/partner.

Wear something loose to the shoot!  Tight clothing, bra straps etc will leave marks on your skin.  Remember to bring along a towelling robe or something to slip into in between photo sessions where we change backdrops and props!

Boudoir lingerie, implied nude, nude or just between the sheets - we will never ask you to anything other than what you actually want to do -  but don’t be surprised if half way through the shoot you may feel a little more confident and get a little bolder! ?

Jan will work with you creating tasteful images.  We want you to feel happy and relaxed so that you can be confident that you will love your images.

Now just relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of a  Boudoir Photography Photoshoot.

WHISPER IN OUR EAR NOW shhh.... we can keep a secret!

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