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Friday, 6 December 2013

Are you ready for a Boudoir Photoshoot

A new genre of photography is emerging quite rapidly – and that’s Boudoir photography.  Are you ready for this wonderful experience that will make you feel special, I mean very, very special? 
Just the other weekend there was an article in the Mail on Sunday magazine with some lovely images to persuade every woman on the planet that she should do it!

Boudoir is exhilarating and builds self- esteem and every woman should have the opportunity of a boudoir shoot at least once in her lifetime.

So who would book a boudoir photoshoot?  It could be a new bride wanting some very special sensual, tasteful images for her husband, or women who have something to celebrate, maybe losing weight, recovering from an illness or just to boost their confidence.

Most sessions take place at my home or in my studio in Lymington in the New Forest.  However, I am very happy to travel to your own surroundings if you prefer it and would feel more comfortable.

Because it is relatively new many women are just not quite sure what to expect.  Just relax and enjoy the TLC! 

Individual women have individual choices and therefore you choose just how much or how little you would like to reveal.  I never work to a specific formula.  I just let the shoot take its own time and level and ensure that you get the images that are a true reflection of you and the way you want to be.  All your images will be tasteful, sensitive and creative and I am happy to give a little nip and tuck, or smoothing of skin in post- production, just like any magazine image! 

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