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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

No Pain, No Gain - Really?

There is no pain, but definitely lots of gain!
Read on to find out how.

A glamour portrait, boudoir shoot or bridal boudoir can be incredibly intimate and a little provocative.  
I have been told by women that they have found it exciting, liberating and a huge boost to one’s confidence.  

However, once a woman has taken the decision to go for it she may well have feelings of apprehension and even become anxious and some may even decide not to go ahead with it! 
If a you decide that actually you don't think you can go ahead with it - just how do we move forward?  

We can answer the many questions that are going through your head that seem to be putting the brakes on so to speak! 
For instance, you really don’t have to reveal any more in a boudoir shoot than you are comfortable with!  If you want to bring someone with you for moral support then that’s fine too!   

It is all entirely up to you.
Whatever you decide you can guarantee you will have a wonderful experience with some fabulous photographs and you will wonder why you worried at all!

No Paid, No Gain - Really?

Visit our boudoir for a little peek!

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